Björnerödspiggen, Sweden

Oh yes, it’s good being back at Björnerödspiggen. You can find several earlier posts from here but I just had to add another one.

Short recap… we’re on the boarder to Norway, on the hiking trail Bohusleden. Views are great all the way from the peak at 222 meters down to sea level at Idefjorden

We meet up at the usual place. It’s me, Janne, Micke, Albert and the Ohlsson brothers Micke, Jocke and Pierre

First a nice climb up to the peak while the clouds disappear more and more

The first decent all the way to the fjord is a long one – with lots of fun

Norway is not only in the backdrop – Norway is on the phone…

Thumbs up and ready for a climb again

In order to get some free riding in the moss – strange mix of skiing and biking in this fluff

Hard climb up, with some tire work and some fun

Back to the trailhead. Orange is the new black…

Great finale of a great day

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