A Kiwi in Sweden

Time is flying and it’s already three years since Ferg showed me around in Arapuke Bike Park in New Zealand (link). Now he is here and I get to show him the variety of terrains and landscapes you get on a regular bike ride her in Åsa, Sweden. We start on the rocks Passing through […]

The Ibis has landed

The Orbea Occam was great but I felt pretty early on that the linkage wasn’t what I was looking for. I changed all the settings you can possibly change to find a better more plush feeling while not bottoming out to hard but it simply wasn’t there. Early on I decided for another bike, but […]

Møn, Denmark

Møn is an island just an hour away from Copenhagen It’s flat and windy so why not rent some ebikes and explore? Well, we couldn’t find arguments why not 😊 We head out of Stege and to the island of Nyord And what do you know… In this barn looking like nothing there’s a guy […]